Looking For a Unicommerce Alternative?

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Learn why 100+ Growing Businesses have shifted from Unicommerce to Hub9

Unicommerce is a retail accounting system with a heavy focus on inventory and warehousing, but without the deep channel integrations needed for listing management. Unicommercel charges a flat rate for their accounting system determined by the number of users, with add-on fees for ecommerce channel connectivity, phone support, and additional services. It’s a solid system for the right kind of merchant, who’s looking to upgrade to a medium-tier integrated back-office system for inventory, accounting, and warehousing, but can’t afford a larger ERP solution.

While Unicommerce helps retailers increase back-office efficiency, Hub9 is built specifically to help you grow sales. Hub9 focuses on listing creation and management, so you can increase and optimize your sales channel presence. Hub9 integrates with other popular solutions that specialize in back-office functionality.

HUB9 wants to redesign your order-fulfillment experience Omnichannel Growth.





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