Are you facing problems in creating quality product listing on Amazon, ebay, Alibaba or any other online platform? Is poor product listing hampering your business adversely? If this is the case, then you have landed on the right page. Whether you are an existing seller or an aspiring one, you must be familiar with the benefits of listing your products in various marketplaces. The right listing of your products helps you quickly establish your brand in the market and boosts the demand of your respective products.
But, do you know the harmful effects of your product’s poor listing made online? Well! It can completely wipe out your brand from the market. And, I am sure that no businessman will ever want to come across that situation. Through this piece of content, we will learn the tips to create quality listing of your products online to grow your business quickly.
Did you know about this latest market study?
According to a recent study, it is observed that consumers search their desired products on Amazon more often than any search engine. It proves the trust of customers built on Amazon all around the globe, and the credit goes to Amazon’s prompt services. Similarly, online stores such as ebay, Alibaba and other related players are also running well in this race and gaining momentum. Let’s start with the benefits of right product listing. And, right after that, we will understand how to switch from a poor product listing to a result-oriented product listing intended for high profits.
What do you gain from a quality product listing?
As we know that an optimized product listing helps:
Get maximum number of customers visits on your products.
The more visits you get for your products, the more are the chances to convert those visits into sales.
And, it’s a known fact that increase is sales enables you to generate more profit margins.
Technology plays a significant role in our lives and benefits us if we understand how to make the best out of it. Most of the online sellers think that their job is done right after posting their products on various online marketplaces. But, this assumption is far away from the reality.
Now, the question arises, how to make the best product listing on Amazon and other related players in the market?
Product Title: Coming to the point very quickly. If you are looking to dominate your contenders with the best product listing, then the first thing to optimize is your product’s title. Yes! You heard it right.

Make sure the title is written within 250 characters and clear enough to understand. In other words, you need to write the title according to frequent search queries made by users.
Add value to your title by including some additional benefits of your products into it (e.g., Bluetooth speaker with 3-way high quality sound and an inbuilt mic for calling, etc.). This practice will certainly capture the attention of customers and showcase your products in a better way.

Intuitive Images: A latest study about consumer behavior states that images get the attention of audience way faster than text. Since they give the first impression of your product, there should be no compromise with their quality.
Use the white background while shooting images for more clarity.
Make sure that each image of your product is 1000 pixels in width and 500 pixels in height. This dimension is ideal for showcasing your products with clear view.
Make use of a DSLR camera or get any professional’s assistance to get elegant pictures.
Ensure that your images have all the possible view angles to help the customer thoroughly evaluate the product. It is extremely helpful to increase your product’s rating.
You can use infographics to define the key features of your products. Explaining the concept of money back guarantee, size chart, or other USPs of your products through images can be a good idea.
Product’s Features: This is the best place where you can further elaborate your products through bullets and other basic text stylings.
Think from the customer’s viewpoint and their core requirements associated with the product. Write the product’s functions and features in detail to help customers choose their desired product.
Keep the best features at the top along with the warranty details to assure the customer that he/she is taking the right product.
Explain how the product is capable enough to fulfill the customer’s requirements.

Product’s Description: Writing quality product description under 2000 characters can do wonders for your products. Follow the below mentioned tips carefully:
Make sure you are writing short sentences to make the audience quickly understand your product.
Use the writing tonality as if you are educating the customer.
Try to include the most searched keywords in your description. It can do magic to boost the ranking of your products on Amazon, ebay, Alibaba, etc.

Product Reviews and Ratings: Positive customer reviews and high rating about your products certainly intensify their sales.
Ask your customers to review and rate the quality of your products via email campaigns.
In order to get positive customer review and high rating, you need to make sure that your products are quality driven for real. Hence, evaluate your products thoroughly before hitting the market.
If your rating is between four to five starts, it means you are doing well. But, if not, you need to find the reason of getting low ratings to take preventive measures. Ideally, you should ask every customer to rate your products. This practice can be useful to maintain equilibrium between positive rating and negative ratings.

Furthermore, you can include the frequently searched keywords in your product’s URL to boost its search ranking. Finally, the primary focus should always be on customer satisfaction, irrespective of knowing quality product listing hacks. Once, you achieve this, the entire world is ready to welcome your products and services.

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