Multichannel eCommerce Management- The need of the hour!

What is multichannel eCommerce?

If you’re selling online through more than one channel, you’re doing multichannel eCommerce. Online channels integrations can include:

  • Webstore to Marketplace – You may have one or more webstores, hosted on a platform like Amazon or Shopfiy. You may sell products on marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. A multichannel eCommerce solution integrates these, by synchronizing critical data like inventory and pricing.
  • Multiple Webstores – Some companies actually host separate webstores for different brands or product groups. Keeping these in sync can be challenging. A multichannel eCommerce solution helps you keep your separate stores operating as one.

Why is multichannel eCommerce difficult?

Multichannel eCommerce can be difficult for you, if you’re not managing it correctly. Challenges can include:

  • Getting new items (or many items) into multiple sites is a manual effort that takes too much time.
  • It’s difficult/impossible to accurately display available inventory shared between multiple eCommerce Sites.
  • Manually gathering, filling and updating orders is labor intensive and time consuming.

Customer data is located in several systems making it difficult to track, view and analyze customer purchases.

It doesn’t have to be this complicated!

Multichannel eCommerce Solution

At Hub9 we integrate all the major marketplaces and carts thus creating a central command for your business. Bring all your business solutions together in Hub9. Save time by automating inventory and order information across your sales channels, shipping solutions and accounting systems.

Adding an ecommerce marketplace or sales channel, like Amazon, Flipkart or any of the many marketplaces available, is a fast and effective way to grow your business, if you have the tool to manage them successfully.Hub9 can seamlessly integrate to virtually any channel while bringing them together for easy and efficient multichannel order management from one solution.

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