Be it small scale business owners or the ones operating their venture on large scale, Amazon has evolved as a leading marketplace for everyone. A massive number of customers visit Amazon every day to fulfill their purchase requirements. It is already proven that most of the buyers directly search their desired products on Amazon instead of searching them via search engines. This much faith people have on amazon. Yes, we are talking about the customers on an international level.
In order to attain high ranking of any website, we follow the guidelines of Google search engine and tweak our website accordingly. Right? The best part is, Amazon’s algorithm is also like Google’s algorithm except a few factors. Let’s have an overview of both.
Overview of Amazon’s A9 Algorithm & Google Algorithm
Google has an array of search algorithms including Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Possum, pigeon and many more. They are just a set of guidelines that need to be followed by website owners to list their websites under the top ranking of Google’s search results. If a website does not adhere to the mentioned guidelines, these algorithms can lower its search ranking.
Similarly, Amazon is also powered with its own search algorithm, namely A9. It makes sure that the searchers should get the most relevant results according to their search query made on Amazon. It can be a daunting task to go through the entire algorithm of Amazon. But, owing to various repetitive correlations and data analysis, we can certainly help you master Amazon’s A9 algorithm. Once your products list well on Amazon, you can easily take your business to the next level and earn huge profits.
Following the tips presented below can be helpful for the sellers to better tweak their products according to Amazon’s A9 algorithm:
Listing your Product in the Right Category: Amazon search engine observes it very closely if you have listed your product under its most relevant category. It is very strict guideline because Amazon wants its customers to easily find their desired product. Usually, sellers overlook this ranking factor and forget to list their products under the most relevant category. Well! This mistake leads to low performing listing, which can be hazardous for any business. Hence, try to spend time to understand the most appropriate category where your product can be listed.
Striking Product Title: Be it optimization of your products on search engines or Amazon, writing the apt title can bring magical results for your product’s sales. According to Amazon, your product’s title should include brand name, product line, quantity, product’s USP, or other high-level information. The title needs to be crisp and good enough to help users understand the associated product with ease.
The Quality of Product Images: Uploading quality-oriented images of your products is important to highlight your products over competition. Make sure to hire a professional photographer to take the pictures of your products and upload them as per various viewing angles. It increases the number of customer visits for your products. Well! Increase in your product’s visits is evaluated by Amazon’s search engine to improvise its ranking.
Product Based Keyword Research: Irrespective of your work domain, performing an extensive research before initiating any task is always fruitful. Same goes with Amazon’s A9 algorithm. Before writing details about your product, it is great to research the keywords that are frequently searched on Amazon. Furthermore, you can analysis your competitors as per their ratings and rankings to pick the relevant keywords from their content. In order to set the right strategies, analyzing the product details of your top three competitors is more than enough.
Product Indexing and Hashtag Analysis: Hashtag research lets you fetch all the possible keywords, which can be combined with your core keyword. In order to get all possible results from this mechanism, you just need to prefix hash before your core product’s keyword. Moreover, you can use Google Chrome’s plugin, ‘KW index checker’ to ascertain the indexing of your products on Amazon.
Customer Retention: Amazon’s algorithm keeps an eye on your customer’s retention rate. Hence, if you can meet your customer’s expectations, getting positive feedback and high product ratings, the listing of your products will be stronger. In order to further intensify customer retention, you can run various email campaigns to educate them regarding upcoming products.
Price Factor: It is one of the most important factors to rank on Amazon. Amazon’s A9 search algorithm makes use of predicted as well as real conversion rate mechanism to find which products to display in search result. Thus, if you can get good customer rating of your product and selling it at a competitive price, there are more chances that its ranking will be elevated quickly. To set the most competitive price, keep an eye on your competitor’s price as well.
Maintain Optimal Bounce Rate: Bounce rate is calculated based on the time spent by customers on your product’s page. A ‘bounce’ occurs when a customer lands on your page and immediately moves to any other page without paying attention to your product. Be it Google SEO algorithm or Amazon’s A9 search algorithm, high bounce rate can hamper your product’s listing adversely. So, make sure your customer is staying for some time on your page. This can be done by writing detailed and clear product descriptions, FAQ’s and other related information for customer engagement.
Your products represent your image which should never be spoiled due to the quality related issues. Thus, despite following Amazon algorithm tips, do not ignore to maintain the quality of your products ever.

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