Importance Of Listing Account For E-Commerce Websites

The world is becoming digital and so our marketplace. All the e-commerce websites have been a hit in the industry. There is a marketplace for every product, and for every product there are multiple sellers. The question that pops up is, how to be that unique seller among all of them at a particular marketplace? It is also possible that a particular seller sells different products.

Does that make up a bit of confusion?

To facilitate customers with an effective decision-making power, product listing is an important criterion. Account listing simply makes all this convenient, may be more than you think of.

To sort everything out and make it simpler, the best alternative is to make a healthy listing account for our products on an e-commerce website.

No matter which site it is. From Flipkart, Ebay, Myntra, Paytm to Amazon, every site marks the importance of account listing. This is an elaborated task in itself and thus requires a separate team to do so. Companies like Amazon have their own teams for such functions.

Let’s understand everything from the beginning.

What is e-commerce website?

E-commerce is an electronic platform that unites consumers and sellers electronically to buy and sell goods in a particular marketplace with easy refund and exchange policies.

What is account listing?

To start a business online, the first thing we need in our marketplace is a handful of products to be sold. Inventory management is an important part of this arena.

The success of an online market platform constitutes of different features altogether. It not only depends on how well a product is strategized to be marketed. It also depends on the product management, payment gateway, customers review, email marketing integration and many other things.

In layman language, account listing is the management of inventory wisely and thus categorising it accordingly.

Top Benefits of Healthy account listing

  1. Update at both the counter parts

Account listing helps in staying updated about the stock at both the counterparts. It lets you know before time so that you can manage the inventory according to the demand.  It also helps the customers know whether the stock is available or not. Some sites also give the option of notifying the customer in case of unavailability of products. And, this is a healthy way of keeping your customers intact.

  1. Retention of customers

When the customers tend to know fully about the updating of stock, this helps in retaining the customer at your marketplace for a longer period of time.

  1. Categorising of the products

It is very important to categorise your products properly. This is also an important way of conversion of sales. It is because the right category makes it easy to attract the right traffic for products.


  1. Selection of product brand

Inventory management is the primary feature of account listing. However, features of inventory management is stretched further. One such feature is classifying your product under the right brand. As, playing with the name of the brand can stuck you in various legal claims and detach your customers from a particular marketplace.


  1. The right SEO strategy

Account listing also helps in the planning the right SEO strategy. Categorising and brand management of the product ultimately helps in SEO rankings.

  1. Managing product details

Sometimes we witness two same kind of products at different marketplace. This may mean difference of price or difference of quality. Altogether, we can say that different quality products have different product details. Therefore, it becomes important to manage the product details properly so that customers understand about the product in detail-oriented form.

  1. Adding images from every angle

Buying the product virtually and online makes a huge difference for our customers. Thus, picturising the product properly is essentially important and known as a wise decision. Adding images is a part of product listing. Remember, images are an important source of attracting your customers.

  1. Managing email templates

Email marketing is an important form of account listing and retaining the new and old customers both. When an e-commerce platform starts capturing the targeted emails of consumers, sales conversion becomes effective. Set messaging templates on order tracking and thankyou email for product reviews. Make a list of customer details along with the preferred products in excel format.

  1. Creation of discount codes with top selling products

Discount in itself is a huge term and is more than enough to attract a large number of crowd worldwide. Creating discount codes goes hand in hand and helps you form various businesses strategies according to seasons.

  • Helps in marketing strategy

The right management of account listing or product listing helps you in planning and meeting the deadlines effectively. It also guides you through various marketing principles that pay off highly in terms of sales. Account listing can be termed as a marketing strategy to generate new customers. And, it is useful to keep an eye on your business workflow data presented on various e-commerce websites.

Above mentioned attributes are not only the benefits of product listing, but also constitutes key features of product listing. So, adhering them aptly can be your staircase of success.

A huge number of merchants follow the same initial steps usually to make their marketplace a trendy one. This also helps in promoting the products on a particular website with quality SEO strategy. Amazon gives advantages of listing all your products in one go with ease as it has its own product management directory. Amazon automates this work once you are the part of its marketplace. It assigns the product to right category along with management of different attributes.

Giving your customers a clear, concise idea about the product should be your sole motive. Account listing aims for the same. No doubt that it becomes a daunting task at times and goes through various stages and thus, becomes a time consuming process. But remember, hard work pays off and account listing also does. So be ready to conquer the world with your strong online presence.

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