How to Optimise Your E-Commerce Listing to Match Gold Standard

After referring to the most search terms based on the importance of e-commerce listing, we came across too many articles and noteworthy important tips. For those aspiring to be the best seller on Amazon, this info can be as good as a goldmine.

We all know that how e-commerce listing helps any seller to get the maximum number of sales leads and conversions. Well! It helps in both ways i.e., monitory and non-monitory. The advantages are numerous of course. But here, we will discuss how to optimize your e-commerce listing by its right classification.

The objective of this article is not merely limited to create a better e-commerce listing, but also about making it as per Amazon’s gold standard. So, let’s review this strategy from the beginning to have a better understanding of the term, gold standard reviews.

What is E-Commerce Exactly?

Trading of products and services is the basic & general definition of a business. Similarly, the trading of products and services on an online platform is e-commerce business. Thus, initiating a healthy relationship between customer and supplier is one of the most important factors to achieve success in this business.

What is E-Commerce Listing?

A particular seller on a specific e-commerce platform sells various products. It becomes important to categorize listing in a right way for doing justice with the products. At times, this categorization becomes a tough nut to crack, but still it is very important and cannot be overlooked. Here’s an example to make it extremely simple.

If a seller A’s products include items such as home furniture and other housing related items, then it needs to be rightly categorized as per the search methodology used by consumers. Seller ‘A’ cannot categorize furniture items in the category of clothing or fashion accessories. Unorganized product categories can confuse users while searching their desired products.



What are ‘Gold standard’ reviews?

The Gold Standard includes all the perspectives a seller needs to focus for catering top-notch customer service and creating an effective Amazon listing. In other words, Gold Standard is designed to provide every customer with high quality customer service. If the listing is optimized accordingly, it lets you achieve the best possible results to showcase your products more effectively. These elements work on two principles broadly:

  1. Listed Content
  2. Listed Features.

Getting both parameters right is essentially important to have a significant improvement in terms of visibility and sales.

Confused about these terms? Well! Don’t worry, here we will learn about the same in detail.

Let’s begin with knowing the meaning of listed content and listed features:

  1. Listed content


This section covers the actual description of the products you sell. It needs to be unique and more explanatory to help you stand out from the crowd. Right from product’s titles, images, product specifications and description, everything needs to be well explained. This makes our product prominent in user generated search results and helps users to set the right expectations before they buy the respective product (s).

  1. Listed features


This section acts as a trust factor for your consumers. This generally states the quality assurance or warranty related information of your product. Such as-

  • Star rating
  • warranty details
  • seller details
  • shipping details
  • promotional offers

Ways to Get Gold Standard Reviews by Amazon

Amazon has specific guidelines for reviews and ratings. This e-commerce giant is very specific about its reputation and thus has specific guidelines for sellers.

Amazon is a big-million-dollar company and believes in crystal clear relationship with its customers. Thus, it does not have any intension of fooling people based on fake reviews. Reviews affect the legitimacy of Amazon, which is the reason that it is extremely strict about its review policy. We need to see what Amazon exactly demands to enable you reach the gold standard bar of reviews.

Let’s know it a little bit more here:

  1. The ‘Right Marketing’ Method

Amazon provides us with one legitimate platform to sell everything easily. To maintain this legitimacy, it becomes important to do the right marketing.  Amazon thoroughly monitor our online promotion activities and if they are found legit, it gives us the gold standard review. Marketing includes everything right from product description, product selling to after sales support. Being, a seller you should promote your products on various legitimate social media channels to boost their reach.

  1. Getting the Best Out of Online Promotion Platforms

We should not take this for granted that Amazon is giving us its space to sell our products with ease. Whenever you are ready to launch a new product, use various social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Reddit, external website linking and YouTube to market the product. This will not only help you generate more reviews and sales, but also enables you to achieve the golden bar of standard.

One needs to keep all the digital marketing options in mind to get people to your website and retain them for a long time. This will also take your website’s organic search to the next level. Right product listing, attractive images and promotional offers, everything is important.

Last, but not the least! There is no magic formula to achieve these targets, all it needs is the right approach. Understanding the major goal and algorithm of Amazon is important, and the only technique to have gold star review. Keep following the strategies to achieve your goals because your consistency is the key factor of success.

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