Looking For a Brown Tape Alternative?

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Learn why 100+ Growing Businesses have shifted from Brown Tape to Hub9

Brown Tape is an complex order and inventory management solution for tracking parts, purchase orders, vendors, and inventory. Brown Tape is not an optimum solution for small merchants who manufacture their own products and need to manage the retail and wholesale side of their business. To sell across multiple channels and expand to new storefronts, you’ll still need to go to each channel and create your marketplace listings yourself.

Hub9 also manages inventory across sales channels, but is built around deep channel integrations and a simple listing process for expanding your business. Hub9 has an interface that’s fast and easy to use and allows you to store rich product data in a single, unified catalog. Linking your listings in Hub9 happens automatically whenever you import something new into the system, unlike in Brown Tape, where you must manually link products together even if your SKUs match.

HUB9 wants to redesign your order-fulfillment experience Omnichannel Growth.





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