All About Tracking Product Rating on Amazon

All the e-commerce websites have a policy of tracking product rating so as to analyse their sales and product reviews based out of ratings. Good product ratings initiate a good amount of sales of a particular product.

“Consumer is the king”, is the well-known traditional saying. With the advancement of marketing on a daily basis it has soon turned into “Reviews are the king.”

There are ‘n’ number of reasons why product ratings are an essential part of e-commerce websites. Probably, in this piece of article we will discuss how to keep a track of those product reviews.

What is Product rating?
Being a user or a customer of Amazon, Amazon gives you the right of reviewing and commenting about a particular product on the basis of your perspective. Not only Amazon, rather all the e-commerce website provides this right to their customers.

How does this help?

From customer point of view, this helps the customer making the best decision before buying a new product by simply reviewing the product page. This can be done for every product listed in the e-commerce website of Amazon.

Whereas, from business point of view this helps the seller generate leads i.e, convert positive review into sales.

A great initiative for driving user review or rating into SEO strategy

The updated and new review of a particular product helps SEO spiders to find great and unique content. This is a great way to get the content on a high ranking position because every review is unique in itself.

Initially, tracking the product reviews was a task not so easy for the sellers and this is something which is equally important for the sellers too. Tracking the reviews of a single product is not that difficult. However, a seller who is selling multiple products and reviewing them side by side becomes a daunting task. To track the product ratings, a number of new software apps are there in the market that ping up every time with a new review.

It is also believed that SEO search keywords and product ratings go hand in hand. This can be said because, the top searched keywords update you about the potential traffic and thus help you in updating those keywords accordingly.

Coming to the core topic of the article, listed down are some best rated alternatives in the market to track product reviews as a seller.

  1. Feedback five

This is one such software which displays a grid of all the products listed including the image of the product, average ratings, number of orders, reviews from last 2-90 days.

Benefit: you can also set an email alert so that you do not miss out on any new review summary.

  1. Jungle scout

This is a popular chrome extension and doesn’t require much of your hard disk space. It easily fetches all the product related data in seconds and saves your hours of investing time in product research.


  1. Google keyword planner

It is basically used to search the most used keywords on a website which lands the traffic on a particular product. This helps you in getting idea about the keyword search and thus helps the sellers target the keyword search and make it more vulnerable.

  1. AMZ tracker

Every person in the market is looking out for positive reviews but remember what we discussed earlier in this article.  Negative reviews are equally important, and this software helps us keeping an update of the negative reviews with the option of email updates.

  1. Amazooka

Just like AMZ tracker, this also helps in monitoring negative reviews but the difference lies in exporting of the customer’s phone numbers. This extension helps in exporting the contact numbers and thus makes customer communication easy and effective.

  1. Unicorn Smasher

This fetches the comprehensive customer product data which includes prices, best keywords, best ranking products. Unicorn smasher also helps in generating revenue related data.

  1. Keepa

This helps you in tracking majorly the price details of your product and changing the graph accordingly. Certainly, some high valued products receive the reviews as they are high priced. This app helps the marketer to set the price accordingly to generate more sales.

  1. Appbot

By making an account on appbot, you can review products on various sites where you need to select Amazon specifically. This also lets you reply to the reviews within the app itself. By inserting a specific product link, you can easily track the reviews.

  1. co

Reviews have always been a great initiative for generating sales on an e-commerce site while the important thing to remember is a mix of positive and negative reviews. It is likely the preferable and reliable option. This track everything from positive to negative.


  • Amazon Best seller rank

The ranking of different products is different on different Amazon stores. Obviously, the ranking matters as per the market place. This is one such extension by Amazon which is least known by the people. This works not on the basis of reviews and rating but on the account of recent sales of the product.

When we invest our time, our money, our energy into a business, it becomes important to review it accordingly. With the lead generation, it becomes important to track everything and anything. Tracking reviews simply means visualising the growth reports on the basis of what your customers have to say. Even for carrying out other activities such as lead in sales or SEO optimised rich content, this is the best way out to reach to your target consumers.

Getting the star statement is not our target. But, presenting our products in the right place and in the front of right people is what we need.

Market your product accordingly so that you satisfy your customers. It can be extremely helpful for you to achieve high sales target in monitory and non-monitory terms. Stay updated always because your knowledge isolates you from the crowd.

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